Maju Karya Sentosa

We provide Buddha statues, abstract sculptures, modern figurines, water features, garden lamp, fountain, planters, urns, trough, pedestal, basin, sinks, tiles, teak root erosion and other handicrafts.

Cement – Resin Terrazzo Products

Terrazzo is a kind of composite material, which comprises of chips of marble cement/resin mixture and pigment. The finishing color is mostly in white or black color. But available also in red, blue, green an other primary color.

Plinth Square Terrazzo

Plinth Square Terrazzo

Plinth square as a base for statues,  made from black terrazzo

Couple Hand Black Terrazzo

Couple Hand Statue Terrazzo

This realist statue made from black terrazzo.

Top Table Resin Terrazzo

Top Table Resin Terrazzo

This top table mmade from resin epoxy mixed with terrazzo and pigment

Ornament Statue Black Terrazzo

Abstract Modern Statue Terrazzo

This ornament made from terrazzo with black finishing