Maju Karya Sentosa

We provide Buddha statues, abstract sculptures, modern figurines, water features, garden lamp, fountain, planters, urns, trough, pedestal, basin, sinks, tiles, teak root erosion and other handicrafts.

Carving, Casting & Natural Products

Maju Karya Sentosa is a company of natural stone products, cast stone, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GRC), terrazzo, epoxy resin and teak root erosion products for home interior and garden landscape decoration.

We made and export carving stone Buddha statues & casting Buddha sculptures, modern abstract statues, garden fountain, water features and wall ornament art. We produce flower pot, lightweight vase, outdoor planter, sink, wash basin, foot step, stepping stone, old stone trough, urns, gate pier, garden lantern, pedestal, mosaic pebble flooring, stone tiles and other indoor handicraft for home decoration. 

The material we used for either from lava stone basalt, greenstone, andesite, grey sandstone, cream limestone, river stone, marble and pebble stone. 

We accept customized design as buyer request. Beside, we are also as a buying agent for sourcing any kind products from bamboo, teak root erosion, iron, alumunium, glass or others that are not produced by our company. We will arrange your goods since production until shipment.

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