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Maju Karya Sentosa is a direct manufacture company for natural stone, terrazzo and cast stone products for garden landscape decorative from Yogyakarta Indonesia. We are established since 2002 and mostly export to Belgium, Holland, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Spain, Japan and UAE.

Maju Karya Sentosa produces and export carving products such outdoor garden fountain, stone water features, abstract sculpture, modern statue, carving buddha statue, garden lamp, stone handicraft including landscape decorative such vase, pottery, big pot, planter.

Maju Karya Sentosa supply and export casting or moulding products such buddha statue, buddha water feature from concrete or grc. We make also terrazzo products such terrazzo statuary, terrazzo sink, terrazzo water features from cement terrazzo or Fiberglass resin terrazzo.

Maju Karya Sentosa supplier and exporter high precision stone tiles and mosaic marble and pebble Flooring. We offer high degree precision tiles from lavastone, sandstone, limestone, paras kerobokan, andhesit and other local rocks. And for mosaic flooring from marble and pebble came from East Java and other place in Indonesia.

The Natural Stone material from grey sandstone, white or cream limestone, black lavastone or basalt from Merapi mountain in Jogja where pebble and marble, granite and onyx or riverstone and baligreen from other location in Indonesia.The terrazzo crafts made from cement and marble chips mixed with pigment color. Cast stone and concrete products made from cement and sands. And Lightweight GRC (glass reinforced cement) made from cement or resin with fiber (fiberglass).

Maju Karya Sentosa, The Art of Stone also as a buying agent for sourcing any kind products from wood, iron, alumunium, glass or others that are not produced by our company. We will arrange your goods from the beginning until shipment.

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