Buddha Sculpture Stone Pot

Stone Candle Holder

Maju Karya Sentosa (MKS-Jogja.com) produce and exports Natural Stone Products : candle holder stone from limestone, sandstone, lavastone or basalt lava for home furnishing decoration. We can also supply the round candle for candle holder.

Material : Sandstone (gray), Limestone (white) and Lavastone (black).
Availabe for customized design - the art of stone.
Please contact us for full collection & price list.

  • home furnishing decoration
    Code : MKSCH 001
    Home Furnishing Decoration
  • stone candle holder
    Code : MKSCH 002
    Candle Holder
  • candle light stone
    Code : MKSCH 003
    Candle Light
  • natural stone products
    Code : MKSCH 004
    Natural Products
  • The Art of Stone
    Code : MKSCH 005
    The Art of Stone
  • candle holder stone
    Code : MKSCH 006
    Candle Holder