Maju Karya Sentosa

We provide Buddha statues, abstract sculptures, modern figurines, water features, garden lamp, fountain, planters, urns, trough, pedestal, basin, sinks, tiles, teak root erosion and other handicrafts.

Natural Stone Indonesia Products

There are some rocks available Indonesia like lavastone, basalt, greenstone, green sukabumi, baligreen, sandstone, limestone, andesite, marble, pebble and river stone.
 The craftman make every single block become buddha sculptures, abstract modern statues, fountain, planter, trough, urns and any other crafts for home indoor decoration and outdoor garden landscape. The artisan use only a traditional tools chisel and hammer (handmade). Grinder machine sometimes used to make a shape for round or curved objects, especially for hard stone like lava stone, andesite or greenstone.

Stone Abstract Statue

Modern Abstract Statue

We have some collection of modern abstract statues. This statuary could be made from limestone, greenstone,sandstone or lava stone basalt.

Sitting Buddha Statue Blessing Greenstone

Sitting Buddha Sculpture Greenstone

The stone buddha statue have various model : sitting buddha Borobudur, standing budha sculpture, sleeping buddha statue, head boedha statuary, shaolin and many more.

Water Fountain Sandstone

Water Fountain Sandstone

This kind of stone fountain is suitable to used either in outdoor or indoor. We can also supply water pumps for the fountains.

Riverstone Lantern

Riverstone Garden Lantern

We produce stone lamp, garden lampion, outdoor lighting and lantern. We can supply the cables with electricity security standard.

garden stone planter

Stone Planter – Flower Pot

We made big pottery, garden vase and flower planter for outdoor landscape decoration. Material : gray sandstone, white cream limestone and black lavastone, greenstone.

Natural Stone Ornament

Natural Stone Ornament

We produce stone ornament like Gate pier, Garden Ornament, Birdbath and Fireplace for outdoor decorative and garden landscape

Washbasin Marble

Washbasin Marble

This basin made from Java stone marble. The are some design for bathroom washtafel and pedestal sinks.

Mosaic Marble - Pebble Flooring

Mosaic Marble Flooring

Mosaic Marble flooring made from marble / pebble stone assembled with plastic net. There are two model : interlock or square.

Foot Step Greenstone

Foot Stepping Stone

Foot Step made from greenstone. There are 2 style, rough or carving one.

Riverstone Sinks

Riverstone Sink

The shape of this river stone washbasin is very unique between one to another.

Riverstone Andesite Bathub

Andesite – Bowl Bathtub

This natural bathtub may come come different sizes and shapes as every piece of stone have varies from another.

Coral Chips Crushed Stone

These stone are originally from volcanic lava stone and then being crushed into smaller chips.