Maju Karya Sentosa

We provide Buddha statues, abstract sculptures, modern figurines, water features, garden lamp, fountain, planters, urns, trough, pedestal, basin, sinks, tiles, teak root erosion and other handicrafts.

Maju Karya Sentosa ( produce lightweight cement casting and fiber glass or GRC (glass reinforced cement) products for budha and hindu statues from Indonesia. The model available dewi sri statue, head budha thailand, sitting budha japan, sitting budha borobudur, sleeping budha china, happy budha shaolin, big budha, head budha statue and hanging face budha. This statues fitted for outdoor or indoor.

Size available : 40, 60,80, 100, 120, 150 CM
Material : GRC.
Availabe for customized design.
Please contact us for full collection & price list.